Palace Cinemas in collaboration with German Films is excited to again bring the best German-language cinema to you in 2021. Building on the success of 2019, this edition screens 30 feature films expanding to 18 locations and opening with Daniel Brühl’s directorial debut – ‘Next Door’.

With 27 Australian premieres and a festival line-up that includes box office hits and award-winning dramas straight from this year’s Berlinale, the festival is a fantastic celebration of German culture and filmmaking. Including productions from neighbouring Austria, the festival showcases the creativity and diversity of the region. From thrillers and documentaries, to feel-good comedies, this year’s films will amuse, inspire and entertain.

A special thank you to our cultural partner the Goethe-Institut who are again presenting KINO FOR KIDS, a showcase of six films for our younger audiences and families.

CLUB-MATE-AUSTRALIA is a partner of THE GERMAN FILM FESTIVAL. Also check out our little PROMOTIONAL FILM for the festival.

We wish you an entertaining and exciting German festival experience!

Film ab!