What is Club-Mate?

The raw material we use for Club-Mate is derived from the Yerba-tea-plant native to South America.

Mate is the most important alkaloid (semi luxury) beverage in the southern and middle parts of South America. It has been enabling the native Indians to bear extreme hardships all the way back to ancient times, but also is appreciated by the immigrating Europeans.

The stimulating effect is caused by a favourable amount of caffeine, in a form well suitable to anyone.

Yerba’s influence on the neural system comes from its characteristics as a stimulant, this explains why it is so extremely effective against muscle fatigue.

These physiological phenomena could repeatetly be observed. Tiredness after heavy work disappeared in a miraculous way after one sip of maté.

Out of the yerba plant we produce an extract with pure sugar, used in botteling the Club-Mate drink.

Mate tea is extremely popular in large parts of South America, the natives attribute many positive effects to it. So, it’s no surprise, that maté is praised as the green gold of the Indians in Europe as well, a natural remedy, a magic potion and, what’s more, the ideal slimming drink, it facilitates weight loss and suppresses hunger and thirst.

In South America mate is prepared like this:
In a fist-sized gourd an infusion of mate and an equivalent amount of hot but not boiling water is made. This is slurped through a straw made from silver, while the pumpkin is repeatetly refilled with water.

You drink it, if it tastes good…

… and if it’s good for your body, the benefit doubles. Mate is good for your body, because in every single bottle of Club-Mate there is one teaspoon full of mate tea. Therefore Club-Mate is a treat to your tongue and a necessity to your body.

Club-Mate is made from premium class mate tea, but it’s richer, lighter and sweeter than a self-made maté infusion. Well, let’s listen to what a doctor says:
Aside from reducing thirst, even when hiking or sunburn have made it almost impossible for you to bear, Club-Mate stimulates your nerves. The stimulating effect, however, will not go to a point, where your well-being or need for sleep are affected in a negative way.

Your body needs a drink that tastes good, encourages best perfomance, but at the same time will not strain your heart.

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