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Club-Mate is a carbonated, yerba-maté tea-based soft drink that has become a cult hit across Europe. Club-Mate harnesses the unique activating powers of the yerba-maté plant which has been enjoyed for centuries in South America as a means to combat mental fatigue resulting in an unrivaled beverage that promotes a state of heightened alertness and relaxation with about half the sugar of conventional sodas and energy drinks. Club-Mate has become the beverage of choice for club goers, computer hackers and revelers alike.

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The perfect extension of CLUB-MATE: CLUB-MATE with a hint of pomegranate! The pomegranate is said to be a fruit from the Garden of Eden.

Its exotic aroma enriches the refreshing CLUB-MATE with its tart but sweet taste. Drink it ice-cold on a hot summer day for an absolute vivid sensation!

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